Huyen Hoang has always had a natural passion for photography. Travelling the world she was driven to capture the picturesque elegance of what would initially appear as everyday scenery. Freezing in time the magical natural beauty of the day and the relaxing gold and blue of the twilight hours.

As an office manager Huyen seized the opportunity to photograph her Chairman and work colleagues for various business publications. This work expanded and now the vibrancy of the human spirit shines through her images for magazine covers, event images and photos for promotional materials.

Now an international awarding wining study of photography, Huyen’s collection spans Australia, Canada, United States of America, Laos, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. She has studied in the United States of America and Vietnam.

Her greatest satisfaction is the joy shared by the people she snaps through the lens. The more photos she takes the happier she feels.

Approaching clients in a relaxed natural manner, Huyen easily brings an inner happiness to their faces, lighting up their images so she can capture their best moments. Simplicity flows through all her work so the central object each photo pops out and grabs your attention.

Huyen’s philosophy is to immortalise the beauty of people and nature in lovely and memorable moments with simple composition and natural lights.


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