HH Travel Services has more than ten year experience in Visa and APEC Travel Business Card applications. We offer the best solutions and our customers enjoy the best experience with us. Our deep traveling and photography passion gives you more in-depth pleasurable and exciting tours. To us, your travel is always an amazing adventure of wonder.

Our Vision

To be your trusted partner to bring you unparalleled tourism and photography experience in Vietnam and Australia which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Our Mission

Serve our clients to the highest standard and promote the amazing beauty, culture and nature of Vietnam and Australia worldwide.

Our Values

Share our deep passion for life and living with all our clients so they too may experience the wonder of our people and world.

At our core we are people sharing similar needs and desires to love, connect and enjoy plus it is through our differences that we can learn and grow stronger.

Being true to who we are and confidently sharing who we are enables us to connect with others at the deepest level, this enables us to be respected and respect our clients.

Happy people are more successful, have better relationships and live longer. We aim to create a new level of happiness in our clients lives so that may enjoy all the benefits happiness brings.

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